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Aw, for goodness sake!

Something actually good enough to make the center column of the Financial Times happened yesterday. Prince Alweed Al Saud just said he will leave “his billions to  charity,” He says the move  he has made was inspired by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Hey, something good about America for once!  Someone who didn’t play the great American-guilt campaign. Whatever we give in aid, it is “never enough.” I have learned over the years, especially in the case of Nigeria at present, where a  polio epidemic is raging because the people have been told it is a plot to harm them, rumor and greed have again triumphed,.

When we give–not loan–money for something, we are not allowed to ask for accountability for it, because each country is a sovereign power. Does it trickle down, or does it simply line the pockets of those in power?  All too often, the latter; nor am I saying it is absent in America, where some cut cost shoddy work was found in the World Trade Center by some contractor who is now, as my husband puts it, “basking in the sun in Florida.”

Corruption is universal. In America,l we often catch up with it.   For example, a Nigerian priest who came to America blaming Norway for not giving money to Nigeria from the Norway-Norwegian pipe line found it was the  Nigerian government to blame for a no trickle down of aid,  not to mention the oil bunkers who steal crude oil from the pipeline (which is in the plot of my novel, Intrusion) which created such a mess that Norway sold the pipeline back to Nigeria. Then of course, the crude which will be used for gasoline, for example, must be refined–guess where some of the biggest refineries in world are? Along our southern coast line. Yes, we have our own share of guilt, but it is not something which ought to be played on like a piano. Next time someone tries to bait me about America, I am going to ask them, “what have you done for AFRICA?  THE RUMOR THAT  aids WAS PLANTED THERE BY THE uNITED sTATES? (sorry about the caps, folks, my computer has a mine of its own).

Most importantly of all, what are young people absorbing about their own country? What are they being told at places, for example, at places like Yale? Friends from Ghana sent a son to Yale, where he learned that the US was the biggest monster in creation. The parents were quite upset about it, because they were immigrants.

Politically, I am an independent, as probably many of you are,too. But,having learned all this, at least, being an American, I can now hold my head up when, in Denmark, we were jeered by a group of Danes. Enough, already!