On Jordan’s stormy banks I lie…..

I have just discovered that my blogs have been hacked . . . speaking of evil!

SO I will start again, and, I’d like to note that I know women in Jordan are free–I have a friend from Jordan, and she never wears anything that doesn’t look basically American. What I was getting into here are the Bedouin, who appear to retain their own culture. I know that arranged marriages can be made, but also, that both man and woman have latitude to say what they want or don’t want in a spouse! Still, in other places,women have a rough time still. 90% of women India report being raped more than once. Women in parts of Africa are still having .clitorectomies.   .And her in the US, a father slit his daughter’s throat when she decided to go out to work.

I seem to recall there was a bit of a flutter over the photo of King Hussein and Queen Noor on his motorcycle…I have can’t remember what the issue was now. At any rate, I am reading as much as I can, currently a book, I married a Bedouin  written by a woman from New Zealand: they lived in a cave in Petra.

Also, there is  the matter of more than one wife. I also know a Moroccan woman who is the fourth wife of a man in New Jersey, so I assume it still exists in some parts of the Middle East, and elsewhere.

This novel takes place in 1999, the year King Hussein died–a much admired man here in the States. At the last moment, of course, he changed his heir to King Abdullah–a military man, probably a good thing currently, as Jordan is, I believe, opening a “neutral zone” for refugees. I read that he came to  Bedouin camp once and asked if they wouldn’t like to live in better quarters, and some said no, they liked their way of life. They gave Queen Noor the same answer , so she said, “So do it!”

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